My adopted Grandparents, Gloria (Kitasoo Laxgibu née Neasloss) and Willard White (LaxKw'alaams, Gispaxlo'ots, Gispudwada,  House of T'amks) raised me, my Mom Lois, and my Uncle Keith. Lois' birth mother, Neva White, was also from Lax Kw'alaams, and was Willard's youngest sister. Neva and Willard had many siblings and were the children of Joe and Georgina White (née Alexcee).

I'm also most thankful to start getting to know my birth father's family from Gitga'at. Knowing him, Lewis Clifton, through discovering that side of me is more enriching that I can express with words.


An interest in fisheries and photography was fostered in the surroundings of my childhood home of Campbell River and my adopted home in the Central Coast. I thank my late grandfather, Willard White, for a lifetime of inspiration.

Education & Work

I completed a B.Sc from the University of Victoria (biology and environmental studies), and partial completion of a M.Sc with the University of British Columbia (resource management).  Throughout my post-secondary studies I have focused on ecosystem based management, ecosystem service evaluation, aboriginal food security, aboriginal cultural keystone species, shellfish aquaculture, and marine ecology.

My professional work with First Nation began with the Kitasoo Fisheries Program, the Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Abalone Hatchery, Blue Revolution Consulting, then with the Metlakatla First Nation.

At this point I began my graduate studies. My research was a interdisciplinary study of edible seaweed in Tsimshian communities.  Dr. Sandra Lindstrom (Botany), Dr. Charles Menzies (Anthropology), Dr. Chris Harley (Zoology), and Dr. Kai Chan (IRES) were my supervisors and committee members respectively. 

After my graduate work, I began with the Fraser River Aboriginal Fisheries Secretariat (FRAFS).  I had maintained active presence on a Joint Technical Working Group (JTWG) with First Nations and DFO, where were we were provided an opportunity to ensure their communities have the appropriate scientific knowledge applied to fisheries management decisions. I have also acted as contract biologist with the Island Marine Aquatic Working Group (IMAWG), the Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance (LFFA), the Quatsino First Nation, and the Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance, and North Coast First Nations Stewardship Society.

Currently, I'm excited to be part of the Metlakatla Stewardship Society team as their Seniour Aquatic Resources Biologist.


My work has been profiled in The Ring Co-op Chronicles, The Knowledge Network production “Saving Seaweed” on the The Leading Edge, and in Katherine Gordon’s book “We are born with the songs inside us” (Harbour Publishing).




Willard White 1934-2011 Thanks Dad for everything you did. We love you.